Using Milorganite on Lawns

Slow Release Organic Nitrogen

For 90 years, Milorganite has been trusted by golf course professionals and homeowners for its consistent and long-lasting results.  But how does it work?  Milorganite releases 85% of its organic nitrogen slowly as your turf grows, resulting in balanced growth.   Each application feeds for up to 2 months, so you fertilize less often while still providing everything your growing turf needs.  Milorganite's salt free formula will not burn your lawn, so you’ll never have to worry about streaking or burn spots.

Iron for Enhanced Greening

We know how important vibrant green color is when it comes to your lawn.  Milorganite’s Iron enhances the color of your turf throughout the feeding period, and will not stain your driveway or walkways.   It does so while being kind to the environment, so you can use Milorganite as part of your Organic Lawn Care strategy.

Safe for Children and Pets

We run more tests than anyone else because we want to deliver a product that is safe for you and especially for the children and pets that make up the family you love and protect.