Eastern Expert - Paul Parent

"I have been using Milorganite for over 40 years now when planting new shrubs and trees to insure proper root development. It provides a constant feed to the development root system, it will not burn the roots and it will last well into the first season of growth.  Milorganite is also wonderful when planting Fall bulbs as it will not encourage animals to dig them up like Bone Meal products and also a great fertilizer to wake up your perennial garden when used in the early spring. Organic, slow release and I have found that when used around young plants it will keep animals from feeding on them, a good animal repellent."

Paul Parent - Horticulturist, Writer, and Radio Host of Paul Parent Garden Club

To ask Paul your gardening questions visit  www.paulparent.com or call the Paul Parent Garden Club (855)660-4261 Sundays from 6-10am EST.

Paul Parent hosts the "Paul Parent Garden Club" Sunday mornings on his syndicated talk show on the Genesis Communication network for the last 27 years. "The Paul Parent Garden Club Show" has focused on accurate and up to date information. His show is fun, interesting, and entertaining with a relaxed format where listeners are anxious to participate with questions and comments on a wide variety of topics. Paul loves to teach what he has learned from others to everyone he meets or listens to him, either at his lectures or on the air.

Paul is probably responsible for more successful flower and vegetable beds, lawns and landscaping projects, in all of the New England states, than any other one regional garden authority. When Paul gives gardening advice to novice or master gardeners, it is based on years of training, formal horticultural education, experience as a gardening writer, a home gardener himself, early apprenticeship as a greenhouse worker and now, former owner of his own Nursery, Greenhouse, and Garden Center in Scarborough, Maine. Paul graduated with degrees in Floriculture and Landscaping Stockbridge School of Agriculture, University of Massachusetts.

Paul Parent is the owner of his own consulting business called Paul Parent Garden Consultant. He and his family reside in Kennebunk, ME. Paul has been an educator on air and has written for newspapers and magazines. He has been invited by the top people in the industry to speak and participate at major horticultural events.

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