Quick Tips:

1. 5% Total Nitrogen (N)
2. 2% Available Phosphate (P205)
3. 4% Total Iron (Fe)

The standard 36 lb. bag of Milorganite provides great value, covering 2,500 square feet and feeding for up to 2 months. Each bag delivers primary nutrients Nitrogen and Phosphorus to plants as well as important micronutrients that plants need and use to develop. 

Guaranteed Analysis:

5.0% Total Nitrogen (N) = 3.5% Water Insoluble (slow-release) N + 1.5% Water Soluble N
2.0% Available Phosphate (P2O5)
0.0% Potash (K-typically 0.5%)
1.2% Available Calcium (Ca)
4.0% Total Iron (Fe)

Typical Micronutrients:

0.58% Sulfur (S)
0.68% Magnesium (Mg)
0.045% Zinc (Zn)
0.022% Copper (Cu)
0.133% Manganese (Mn)
Trace amounts of Boron (B) and Molybdenum (Mo)

The Milorganite C:N (carbon to nitrogen) ratio is 6:1.

The 5 lb.bag is conveniently sized for easy use in the garden. Use it to fertilize plots, pots and containers. It has the same analysis as the 36lb. bag above.

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