Milorganite Sales Training

Prepare your sales team to answer your customers’ questions about Milorganite.

Where does the name come from?

MIL… for Milwaukee- the home of the Brewers, Harley Davidson, MillerCoors, and Milorganite
ORGA…for Organic
NITE... for the nitrogen that feeds our vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs and lawns

What is it?

Milorganite is a slow release, organic nitrogen fertilizer made of little micro-organisms that are used to clean wastewater. Milorganite contains 5% nitrogen, 2% phosphorus, 0% potassium as well as iron for enhanced turf greening. The beauty of Milorganite is that it can be used everywhere: lawns, gardens, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Milorganite is also known as the goof proof fertilizer, it is virtually salt free therefore you cannot screw up an application!

Is it Safe?

Once the microbes digest the solids out of the water, they are heat-dried, forming easy-to-spread granules for easy application. The drying process makes sure they are basically pathogen-free.
Milorganite is tested daily, much more than the government requires, and meets the U.S. EPA’s Exceptional Quality standards. Which means it’s safe for kids, pets and wildlife and won’t burn plants.

Does it Work?

Golf courses have trusted Milorganite for over 90 years. The slow-release organic-nitrogen in Milorganite provides a steady supply of nutrients over an 8-10 week period. Milorganite encourages steady growth, good rooting and flowering without the risk of burning. It’s safe to use in hot dry weather and the chelated iron helps green plants and lawn.

Milorganite informational video