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Milorganite® is a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer for your lawn and garden

What is Milorganite?

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 When to Fertilize

We recommend applying Milorganite® every 8-10 weeks while the grass is growing or by the holiday schedule.

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 Where to Buy

Find Milorganite® at a store near you. We recommend calling your local store to check for availability.

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Lawn Care Tips

Follow these tips for a beautiful lawn to enjoy this summer.

  • Let grass clippings remain on the lawn.
  • Water early in the morning
  • 1" of water per week or allow the lawn to go dormant.

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Milorganite® is composed of heat-dried microbes that have digested the organic material in wastewater. It's manufactured by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, which captures waste water from the metropolitan Milwaukee area and uses naturally occurring microbes to digest the nutrients. After the organic matter has been consumed, the cleaned water is returned to Lake Michigan and the resulting material is dried and marketed as Milorganite®.

Milorganite® complies with federal and state standards for the protection of public health and the environment. Milorganite® can be used with confidence for all of your fertilizing needs, including lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables when used as directed. For more information visit our safety page.

First off, there’s no need to panic if your dog happens to eat Milorganite® either off your lawn, garden or even directly out of the bag. It isn’t life-threatening or an emergency situation. Your dog may experience discomfort and outcomes you would expect when a dog eats something they shouldn’t. We recommend contacting your veterinary for advice. We have a few pet safety tips to help deter your dog’s urge to taste-test Milorganite®.

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Milorganite® Reviews

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    We have lived in our home since 2016. I have been following Allyn Hane’s program since then and have been using Milorganite generously. I love that it is organic, and I don’t have to worry about it harming my children and dogs. It is also great not having to worry about burning the lawn. My lawn greens up quicker than neighbors’ in the spring and I attribute it to healthier soil and grass from the organic products. I love that you guys are a Wisconsin based company as well!

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    I have been using this product at all my properties since the beginning of my career and its hands down the #1 product.

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    I've had Milorganite on hand for about 3 years. It's easy to apply and makes my lawn look great!

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    I was introduced to Milorganite from social media group forums. It was there where I began incorporating Milorganite into my lawn fertilization program. It has awesome results and continues to be a must have for my lawn care. I highly recommend Milorganite to anyone who wants to have one of the best-looking yards in the neighborhood.

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    I recently moved 3 years ago and loved the house I bought but the yard was "an opportunity to improve our curb appeal." My last lawn was so lush and healthy using Milorganite for years - it was jarring to start a project lawn again. Same recipe with using Milorganite during the growing season and a little dedication. Neighbors frequently comment on my lawn, and I share with them my base foundation for success - lots of Milorganite! Thank you for such a great product. Customer for life!

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    Our family has enjoyed the stunning results of Milorganite applied to our lawn, garden, trees, and shrubs starting fall 2019! We have cars stop to look at the house and it's landscaping- something we never experienced before switching to your program.

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    I love Milo. No complaints. I apply every holiday starting with Memorial Day through Labor Day and I love the compliments I get from my neighbors.

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    I have used Milo for years. I just moved into my new forever home and the journey starts again with Hard Carolina clay full of construction materials on closing. In 7 months, Milo is already beginning to work its magic. I know it’s not a one stop miracle cure to bad soil, but it is a key ingredient.

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    I've been using Milorganite since I built our home in 2016. I put Milorganite on my morning oatmeal to supplement my nutrition as well as use Milo as potpourri because I love the smell of success. All kidding aside, Milo has done wonders for my Kentucky bluegrass as well as asserted my dominance as a Dad in the neighborhood. So many people ask what the formula to success is as they see my lawn and I tell them Milo!

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    I DIYed my lawn 3 years ago after I saw video on Milorganite and started using it throwing it down.