Tomato Tips

Milorganite. For Better Results. Naturally.

Quick Tips

  • Plant in full sun - tomatoes need 6-8 hours per day
  • Water regularly - 1 inch of water per week
  • Pinch off "suckers" - branches off the main plant

Growing Tomatoes

Milorganite and tomatoes go great together!  Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison confirms our customers’ anecdotal reports that Milorganite outperforms other fertilizers when it comes to growing the biggest and best tomatoes.

Tomato Tips:

Follow these simple tips to grow the best tomatoes on the block.

• Plant in full sun. Tomatoes need 6-8 hours of sun per day.
• Water consistently. Tomato plants require 1” of water per week to prevent skin splitting or blossom rot.
• Pinch off the “suckers”.  Suckers are branches off of the main leader of a plant.  By pinching off suckers regularly, this will redirect the plants'  energy into ripening and growing fruit rather than producing more leafy growth.
• Stake and support your tomato plants to avoid the stems breaking,  which opens the plants up to disease and insect problems.
 Fertilize with Milorganite when you plant and again when the tomatoes flower at a rate of 4.5 lbs.* per 50 square feet or 1/2 cup per plant. 

*3 cups Milorganite = 1 pound