Tomato Tips

Quick Tips

  • Plant in full sun - tomatoes need 6-8 hours per day
  • Fertilize with Milorganite - 1/2 cup per plant
  • Pinch off "suckers" - branches off the main plant

Growing Tomatoes

Milorganite and tomatoes go great together!  Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison confirms our customers’ anecdotal reports that Milorganite outperforms other fertilizers when it comes to growing the biggest and best tomatoes.

Tomato Tips:

Follow these simple tips to grow the best tomatoes on the block.

• Plant in full sun. Tomatoes need 6-8 hours of sun per day.
• Water consistently. Tomato plants require 1” of water per week to prevent skin splitting or blossom rot.
• Pinch off the “suckers”.  Suckers are branches off of the main leader of a plant.  By pinching off suckers regularly, this will redirect the plants'  energy into ripening and growing fruit rather than producing more leafy growth.
• Stake and support your tomato plants to avoid the stems breaking,  which opens the plants up to disease and insect problems.
• Fertilize with Milorganite
when you plant and again when the tomatoes flower at a rate of 4.5 lbs.* per 50 square feet or 1/2 cup per plant.

*3 cups Milorganite = 1 pound