Using Milorganite In Gardens

Milorganite fertilizer promotes healthy flower gardens

Use Anywhere You Want Beautiful Plants to Grow.

Milorganite provides the nutrients every garden needs to grow the biggest and greatest abundance of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. The most avid gardeners throughout the country have trusted Milorganite for more than 90 years.

The RIGHT Nitrogen for Gardens

For an abundant harvest of fruits and vegetables, and bouquets of flowers, it’s important to use the right type of fertilizer with the right type of nutrients. It’s possible to have too much of a good thing, such as nitrogen for example.

Tomatoes are a good indicator of nutrient imbalances in soil, both deficiencies, and excesses. If there’s too much nitrogen you may have incredibly lush tomato plants, but fruit production is disappointing. Why? Excess nitrogen in a form too quickly taken up by plants will produce a healthy plant at the expense of setting fruit. The same is true for other garden plants, including flowers. Adding too much nitrogen will produce beautiful plants, but may not flower as well as you had hoped.

The nitrogen in Milorganite is different. It’s a slow-release nitrogen made from natural processes. It’s available to plants when they need it, not an excessive amount all at once. Plants are fed evenly and gradually, without interfering with flowering and fruit development, which also promotes healthy root growth.

Safe for Vegetables

Healthy, safe food begins with your garden soil and what you add to it. Milorganite is analyzed for at least 20 parameters every day to comply with all applicable safety guidelines and it’s safe for you to use in your garden to grow an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Organic Matter Feeds the Soil

Healthy soil is the long-term key to garden success. Milorganite contains 85% organic matter, which promotes beneficial microbial activity in the soil and in turn improves the soil’s ability to nurture your garden.

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