Using Milorganite on Vegetables and Fruits

These bright, tasty fruits and vegetables benefit from Milorganite Fertilizer.

For decades, gardeners have reported that Milorganite has helped them to grow the biggest and tastiest tomatoes, the most succulent strawberries, and the crunchiest carrots. Milorganite can help you get the biggest haul of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Milorganite’s slow-release organic-nitrogen formula feeds plants evenly and gradually. This nurtures the roots, which in turn develop more robust stems and leaves. Other fertilizers force unnecessary top growth, which makes for skinny plants with reduced yields.

Apply at the proper rates and watch how Milorganite provides abundant nutrition, growing strong roots and great yields.

Milorganite is safe to use when growing vegetables and fruits, and complies with the most stringent EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requirements.

Horticulture expert Melinda Myers explains how to have Flavorful Vegetables in 5 Easy Steps.