Milorganite 50 lb Professional: Homeowner Spreader Settings

50 lb Professional Milorganite fertilizer bag

Milorganite Professional 50 lb Spreader Settings

The same nutrients you get from the original Milorganite (32 lb bag) is also available in a 50 lb Professional bag in limited markets. The Milorganite Professional 50 lb bag is our Greens Grade product which is smaller granules. For the proper application, you will need to adjust your spreader settings. 

Fertilize with Milorganite four (4) times per year, for more information on rates and schedule

If your spreader model is not listed here, please go to how to calibrate a spreader for instructions (six easy steps) to ensure Milorganite is applied at the proper rate. As always, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that Milorganite won't burn.

50 lb Professional Homeowner Spreader Settings: Rotary Spreaders
Rotary Spreader Established Lawn New Lawn
ACE Green Turf Delux 18 18 (2 passes)
Agway 18 18 (2 passes)
Earthway EV-N-Spred (most models) 14.5 14.5 (2 passes)
Fertilome 18 18 (2 passes)
Green Thumb 18 18 (2 passes)
Lawn Crafter (Quaker) 4 4 (2 passes)
Precision 8 8 (2 passes)
Red Devil 16 16 (2 passes)
Republic EZ 13 13 (2 passes)
Republic EZ Grow 10 (2 passes) 10 (4 passes)
Scotts Basic, Delux Edge Control & Speedy Green series 10.5 10.5 (2 passes)
Scotts Easy Green 28 28 (2 passes)
Scotts EdgeGuard (Pro, Mini), Lawn Pro & Standard 10.5 10.5 (2 passes)
Scotts Edgemaster 9.5 9.5 (2 passes)
Southern States 18 18 (2 passes)
Vigoro 10 10 (2 passes)

2 passes = Divide your application in half and go over the same area twice, for a more uniform application.

Tip: When using a broadcast (rotary) spreader divide the spreader setting in half and apply in two directions (north to south and then east to west) to get more even coverage. Spreader settings are to be used as a guide and will vary according to the rate you walk and the mechanical condition of the spreader.