Brown Patch - Warm Season Grass

Circular brown areas known as Brown Patch. Treated with water and reducing fertilization.


Grass species affected

Disease occurrence

  • November through May


  • Circular brown areas up to 20 feet in diameter that typically develop during cool, wet weather in spring or fall.
  • Leaf blades wilt and die, resulting in large brownish-tan areas.


  • Avoid applying excess nitrogen in fall, or any other time of year, especially from quick-release or soluble, liquid fertilizers. Milorganite releases nitrogen slowly and can safely be used.
  • Mow unaffected areas first and diseased areas last to avoid infecting areas of healthy lawn.
  • Collect and dispose of grass clippings in the garbage when brown patch is present.
  • To avoid spreading the fungus, after mowing, clean the mower blades by rising with water and drying with a cloth.
  • Water deeply and infrequently early in the day to allow the leaf blades to dry off and not remain wet for long periods of time.

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