Container Gardening

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Milorganite. For Better Results. Naturally.

Quick Tips

  • Select a high quality pot
  • Keep drain holes open by placing small stones in the bottom of the container
  • Apply Milorganite every 6-8 weeks

As in a traditional garden, sunny locations are great for tomatoes and most herbs. Locations for container flowers and small shrubs will vary by plant species. Be sure to use a high quality pot, and make sure it drains properly to prevent roots from becoming water-logged. Keep drain holes open by placing small stones in the container bottom before filling it with soil. Fertilize with Milorganite organic nitrogen fertilizer. The no-salt formula keeps troublesome salts from building up in your pots.

Most herbs are considered to be “lite-feeders”, they do not require much fertilizer, but a shot or two during the growing season will do them a world of good. Milorganite’s slow release, salt free formula is ideal for herb gardening whether you choose to grow them in a garden or in a container.

Container Size Tablespoons of Milorganite
5-Gallon 10 (2/3 cup)
2-Gallon 4
1-Gallon 2
½-Gallon 1
6-Inch ½

Apply every six to eight weeks. For best performance gently work Milorganite one inch into the soil. Water plants as needed.