Using Milorganite in Gardens

With Milorganite, who needs a green thumb?  Trusted by rose groups, daylily societies and tomato growers for 90 years, Milorganite provides the nourishment every garden needs to grow the biggest and best flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Created from natural processes, organic fertilizers like Milorganite act differently in your garden.  Milorganite's slow-release organic nitrogen feeds longer (up to 8-10 weeks) and will not burn tender plants.  A slow, steady feeding develops roots and improves soil without forcing excessive top growth.

Safety in the products used around the food we eat is a concern we all share.  Milorganite tests daily (18-20 times) to ensure it is safe for use and complies with all federal and local regulations.

In addition to being an excellent source of organic nutrients, research suggests that Milorganite also works as a deer deterrent.  It is, however, an off-label use and we do not register the product as a deterrent.