Palm Tree Fertilization

Palm trees against the sky, Milorganite fertilizer has ingrediants like nitrogen that are beneficial to palm tree growth.

Nitrogen, manganese and iron are essential ingredients in a palm's diet. Yet these nutrients are often lacking in sandy soils. Milorganite replenishes palm soils with valuable organic materials, while giving them what they need for strong, vibrant growth. Learn when and how much Milorganite fertilizer your palm trees need.

Slow-Release. The Natural Way.

Light green leaves and reduced growth are the tell-tale signs of nitrogen deficiency. Regular applications of nitrogen-rich Milorganite quickly and easily can correct this problem. Unlike artificially coated palm fertilizers, Milorganite's slow-release formula works up to ten weeks. Providing a steady organic diet of nitrogen - just what palms need for lush, green leaves and renewed growth.

Non-Burning. Safe for New Roots.

Since Milorganite doesn't contain chemical salt, it won't burn your palm trees so you won't have to worry about injuring newly emerging roots.

Rich in Iron. Non-Staining.

Iron is essential for the formation of chlorophyll, the pigment that makes palm fronds green. Milorganite contains organically complex iron, and won't stain nearby walks, patios, drives, or fences.