Lawn Care Basics

Your lawn is important.  It is a reflection of the pride you take in your home.

A lush and healthy lawn requires disciplined care.  A healthy lawn needs sun, regular mowing, the proper amount of water and an abundance of essential nutrients.  The best way to provide the nutrition your lawn needs is through a well-managed fertilization program.  Using Milorganite as your primary fertilizer is good for your lawn and the environment as part of a organic lawn care strategy

If you are establishing a new lawn or trying to restore dead patches, check our page on seeding vs. sodding to help you make the best decision.  Once established, it is also important to fight soil compaction and thatch build-up using a process called aerating.

Even the healthiest lawns will change colors sometimes.  It is important to know if the change is natural or driven by a common lawn disease.  Natural discoloration may be due to your lawn entering a state of dormancy to protect itself from drought-like conditions.

Visit the lawn care tips page for a guide to growing a thick, green lawn.  For common questions about using Milorganite, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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