The Secret’s Out: Milorganite Shortage

June 28, 2018


I’d first like to thank you for making Milorganite® the fastest growing fertilizer brand in the U.S. Our success is built on over 90 years of producing a highly effective product, counted on by homeowners and golf course superintendents to deliver outstanding results.

Our recent popularity has created product shortages, leaving loyal customers to ask, why can’t you keep up with the growing demand? The answer is that Milorganite® is produced as a result of the wastewater reclamation process (exclusively at our facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), and is dependent on the amount of wastewater coming into our system for treatment. The average annual production yields more than 2,000,000 bags of Milorganite distributed thru a variety of outlets. 

As we look to satisfying an ever-growing demand, we look towards numerous strategies to increase units produced, without impacting product quality. These options range from optimizing our processes to increase the overall yield of fertilizer, to working with other reclamation partners to determine if a similar high-quality product can be acquired. Our promise to you is to continue to pursue ways to increase supply, but never offer a lesser product that cannot deliver the results that have been long-standing attributes of our brand.

If you are a homeowner looking for Milorganite, please utilize our store finder tool to locate retailers that may have product in stock. Tip: save time by calling or checking your local retailer’s websites for available bags of Milorganite before making the trip to the store.

If you are a distributor, know that we take every order seriously and will process your orders on a first come, first served basis. And if you are a retailer, please work with your distributor to identify product needs as early as possible to ensure that those buying from you are least impacted by the Milorganite product shortage.

Here’s to Better Results,


Jeff Spence

Director of Sales & Marketing, Milorganite

Bag of Milorganite and spreader in the lawn

Photo credit: Brian Solamon - Manhattan, KS