Palm Tree Application Rates

Tall, healthy palm trees like this should be fertilized with Milorganite every three months.

Apply Milorganite four times annually, evenly scheduled throughout the growing season, which could begin as early as March and end as late as October, depending on your location.

Fertilizing Palm Trees
Planting Type Application Rate Suggested Application
Palms 5 to 10 lbs every three months Broadcast Milorganite under the entire canopy of the palm.

Apply 5–10 lbs. of Milorganite by broadcasting it under the entire canopy of the palm. Stay two feet from the trunk of a palm, as they are tender and can cause scaring. 

Transplanting and Planting Container-Grown Palms

Mix into the soil at the bottom of the hole the recommended amount of Milorganite when planting container-grown palms or transplanting existing palms. Application rates are determined by the height of the palm: 2 lbs. for 4 feet; 5 lbs. for 10 feet; and, 10 lbs. for 20 feet. Water daily for about 45 days.

Planting Palm Trees
Palm Tree Size Amount
4 feet 2 lbs
10 feet 5 lbs
20 feet 10 lbs


The best time for watering Palms is in the early morning or late afternoon in summer and earlier in the day during winter.

Rich in Iron. Non-Staining.

Iron is essential for the formation of chlorophyll, the pigment that makes palm fronds green. Milorganite contains organically complex iron, and won't stain nearby walks, patios, drives, or fences.