Spoon Feeding

Superintendents like to keep golf greens an even green color throughout the season. To do this, many superintendents apply small amounts of fertilizer either weekly or bi-weekly. This practice is called “spoon feeding," and the recommended application rate is 0.1 lbs. of nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft.

The objective of these small applications is to keep a steady supply of nutrients available to the plant at all times. This eliminates peaks and valleys in nutrient supply that is common with large, infrequent applications.

Milorganite Greens Grade has an SGN of 90, and easily works itself into tight bentgrass greens, resulting in less mower pickup. Since you're applying small amounts of nitrogen, using a low analysis fertilizer helps eliminate streaking. Milorganite contains 6% nitrogen. This means that to apply 0.1 lbs. per 1,000-sq. ft. in a spoon-feeding program, you need to apply 1.7 lbs. Milorganite per 1,000 sq. ft.

Milorganite's slow release, non-burning nitrogen is a great addition to any spoon feeding program. Milorganite also contains 2.5% organically complex, non-staining iron for enhanced greening. Milorganite provides superintendents with a consistent granular size, and consistent results, every time.