Regulatory and Certification

Milorganite is the most healvily regulated fertilizer.

Milorganite is the most heavily regulated fertilizer in the industry. Our fertilizer must meet federal and state guidelines for safety and product quality. We go above and beyond the requirements placed on us in order to exceed expectations and deliver the safest product that we can make.

Federal: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Milorganite is a biosolids class fertilizer. Biosolids are residual microbes that have digested nutrients out of sewage waste streams. The EPA regulates biosolids using two tiers: tier one allows non-food use and tier two, the Exceptional Quality designation, allows use on vegetables and fruits and is given to biosolids with minuscule amounts of heavy metals and pathogens. Milorganite has consistently received Exceptional Quality designation from the EPA since the guidelines were created in 1993.

Bio-Preferred - USDA Certified

Milorganite is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a biobased product because it is derived from renewable materials. The USDA BioPreferred program qualifies products as biobased if they are “composed wholly or significantly of biological ingredients-renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials.” Fertilizers are tested for biobased content by a third-party lab and then deemed certified by the USDA. Look for the certified biobased label to identify these products to help select products that reduce environmental impact and are proven to be more environmentally friendly.