Professional Specifications

Milorganite 6-4-0 Professional Product Line

Milorganite has been made for over 95 years and is the leading slow-release nitrogen fertilizer in North America. Milorganite is a proven, reliable, and safe slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.

Milorganite professional products are only available in full truckloads (21 tons) sold through our distribution network to the golf and professional landscape markets.

Milorganite Professional 50 lb bags

The same nutrient package you get from the original Milorganite is available in a Greens Grade. These SGN 90 granules contain the same nutrients as Milorganite Classic (SGN 150). The particles are small enough to fall into the canopy of close-cut turf. This minimizes mower pick-up and the impact on ball roll. Spoon-feeding greens with Milorganite Greens Grade keeps your golfers returning time after time!

Milorganite 1,000 lb and 2,000 lb bulk bags

Milorganite Classic and Milorganite Greens Grade are available in both 1,000 and 2,000 lb bulk bags. These large packs provide you with convenience and reduce packaging waste. These heavy-duty bulk bags are plastic lined to resist moisture, and have durable lift straps for easy handling. The closeable spout simplifies filling spreaders.

Specifications - Nutrient analysis

Milorganite is a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer guaranteed to contain not less than 6% nitrogen, at least 85% of which is water-insoluble (WIN). The available phosphorus is not less than 4%. Milorganite also contains 2.5% iron. Calcium in Milorganite helps in neutralizing acidic soils and the effects of its nitrogen.

Guaranteed Analysis (sample label)
Total Nitrogen (N)6.0%
Water Soluble Nitrogen2.5%
Water Insoluble Nitrogen*3.5%
Available Phosphate (PO5)4.0%
Calcium (Ca)1.2%
Total Iron (Fe)2.5%
Chlorine (Cl) maximum1.0%
*3.5% Slowly available nitrogen. Nutrients Derived from biosolids

Size Guide Number (SGN) and Uniformity Index (UI)

The Size Guide Number and Uniformity Index both accurately define the size of a fertilizer. SGN is the average millimeter (mm) diameter of that fertilizer. The Uniformity Index defines how much of that fertilizer actually meets these size requirements.

In other words, a high UI indicates a fertilizer that is very uniform. A low UI indicates that the granule size varies considerably. High UI fertilizers spread accurately and, if you are purchasing a blended fertilizer, indicate that the blend will tend to be uniform.

Greens Grade9060-70